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Introduction Of Medium Speed Wire Cut EDM

Medium Speed Wire Cut EDM Machine DK77CB - Sanxing Machinery

What is Medium Speed Wire Cut EDM Machine?

Simply speaking, Medium Speed Wire Cut EDM Machine, this kind of wire cut machine has repeatedly Mo Wire cutting function, similar with low-speed wire cut EDM machine, but with a much lower running cost. In order to maintain the stability of molybdenum wire, and to improve the quality of the workpiece surface finishing,  it will reduce the wire speed and cut the workpiece by multi-cutting. So it is named “Medium speed wire cut machine”, or “Middle speed wire cut EDM” or “Multi-Cutting EDM Machine”as well. Just like the conventional repeatedly cutting through the rough machining process, semi-finishing and finishing process, such as multi-cutting machining allowance removal, the real processing effects of workpiece surface roughness would be significantly enhanced much better than traditional CNC high speed wire cut machine.  By Multi-cutting, the workpiece surface roughness generally would be able to achieve Ra0.8 μm or better.

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