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Working Process Of Die Sinking EDM Machine

CNC Die Sinking EDM B100 - Sanxing Machinery

How does the Die Sinking EDM Machine work?

Die sinking EDM Machine is carried out in a liquid medium. The automatic device of the EMD die sinking machine keeps a proper discharge gap between the workpiece and the tool electrode. When a strong pulse voltage is applied, the dielectric insulation strength is at the lowest point. Because the discharge area of the CNC EDM spark machine is very small and the discharge time is very short, the energy is highly concentrated, so that the temperature is as high as 10000-12000 ℃. Then the metal is thrown into the working fluid. And the shape of the sinker EDM machine electrode is reproduced on the workpiece.

Sinker EDM machine is perfect machining applied in the tooling industry for the EDM die sinker can produce molds with high precision and smoothness. EDM die sinking machine is wildly used in any industry which requires a precision finish. Due to the hard property of metal, the spark erosion machine only comes out with the electrical sparks rather than touches the metal directly.

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